Church offering envelopes, mailing systems, box sets, fundraising, custom label bottled water

Preprinted Envelopes


Available in a variety of preprinted designs; some shown below.  Tithing and Offering envelopes for your regular members and occasional guests.  Placed in the pews or bulletin they will encourage additional giving.  Price breaks for larger quantities.  Call 1-866-761-2400 for additional design samples or request samples and pricing . . .

$30 PER 1000

stock pew envelope





Custom Envelope Sample
Custom designed Loose Envelopes starting at just $32 per 1000!

Loose offering envelopes for Pew or Mailing use are one of the least expensive ways to encourage giving among your Church members.  Custom designed envelopes are available at no more cost than Generic offering envelopes.  Call 1-866-761-2400 for more information or request a catalog and pricing . . .

Lenten Envelope and Easter Envelope
Special Occasion Envelopes

Special occasion offering envelopes for those times the Church gathers for Holidays and other Celebrations.  These colorful dollar sized special occasion offering envelopes are available in any quantity starting at $30.00 for 500, $40.00 for 1000, and easily pay for themselves when Parishioners place a few dollars towards the special offering.

Special Occasion Envelopes

These colorful 3 1/8" x 6 1/4"envelopes are available in small quantities priced at only $10.61 for 200.

A variety of special occasions are available including:


  •      Ash Wednesday  -  Easter  -  Christmas
  •                Special Offering  -  Building Fund  -  Memorial Gift
  •                          Love Offering  -  Good Friday  -  Thanksgiving  -  Advent
  •                                    Communion  -  All Saints Day  -  Lent  -  Easter Flowers